Catherine Malloy Fashion Designer & Illustrator

"Months ago, I chose to work with Leslie, a trauma therapist, for relief of trauma-related issues that psychotherapy never resolved. Already, I am experiencing SE benefits for anxiety and anger by learning orientation tools. Friends and family have recently commented that I seem less angry, more present with better eye contact and my face not so strained with worry. I have also noticed less blaming of others. Best of all, my husband says I am becoming more fun! Thank you Leslie. I am grateful for your healing capablities and professional expertise."

Jeania Schilling psychotherapist

Leslie's work is full of integrity and it heals. Her skills and knowledge in combination with her ability to be fully and unconditionally present is profound. She has the rare ability to address an issue from multiple levels. The healing I have experienced by working with her whether in yoga class, group meditation or one on one spiritual work has taken place physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has gently helped me find my way after feeling quite "stuck". Leslie lives what she teaches and this is inspiring and motivating. She really is a rare find in teachers. Having Leslie as a teacher has proven to be a sweet gift to myself.
So, thank you from the bottom of my heart....:)

Holly Connors

Leslie Porter is an empathetic teacher and healer who has helped me understand yoga and myself on a new level. Yoga alone is transformational, but combined with a gifted mentor like Leslie it is a powerful force that has changed my life

Jennifer Vullo Dental Hygienist

You're such a great teacher and clearly a wonderful
human being! I'm so glad I took your class!!! Thank you

Molly Messmer

Leslie provides an environment that makes you feel safe and free to explore all that yoga has to offer. She is without judgment and full of encouragement

Nicole Ketchem

I have been practicing yoga consistently for close to 14 years and Leslie is one of the finest teachers that I have come across. She sets a tone in the room that combines playfulness and tranquility, and yet challenges your butt off...seriously. Never do I feel that I am being pushed into a posture that that may risk me injury, nor do I lose attention to my breath and the deeper reasons that I practice and yet I go to my edge in every class with Leslie, and feel it later on in a good, yummy way. It is a rarity to find such a gifted teacher that can accomplish this

Samer Rabadi human rights activist for Amnesty International

The wonderful thing about Leslie is that she creates a safe space for her students to explore the opportunities that yoga offers. She does so with compassion, caring, humor, and a solid grounding in years of training. My time with Leslie has been both delightful and challenging, and I couldn't be happier to have her as a teacher

Kaye Peters

Glen Ivy Retreat Center is peaceful and supportive, and safe. The retreat itself was wonderful and nurturing and I cannot wait til the next one!

Paul Dzierzak

Your instruction was the best I have encountered. I had 5 instructors, not counting you. One of them would be considered a second to you, and the others were not close to you

Judy Schroffel Executive Assistant

Leslie’s style of training me is thoughtful and diligent. I truly feel that I have been through a serious [Pilates] workout after my hour with Leslie and we both agree that I have been making progress over time. I definitely feel stronger and I have actually lost an inch or two in my waist!

Joy Swartz Operations Officer

Since I have been working with Leslie, I have become stronger physically and mentally. Yoga, Pilates and Meditaion are the perfect mixture to de-stress from my work week. All of this is due to Leslie, who is a wonderful, compassionate teacher.

Janie Sogabe

"I seem to get all choked up when reflecting about how good I felt being on the retreat and prepared w such loving care by u. I'm always so grateful to be involved in your retreats / classes meditation sessions bc I know I will always be in a better place. I so appreciate all that u go thru preparing for such a special event like this at Glen Ivy. It was perfect. I'm thinking reason I get choked up is bc it's been something truly amazing that I've experienced over the weekend. See u soon."

Marilyn Kass

Had my bone density scan on Friday and am pleased to report that I have improved slightly in some areas, but the most fantastic thing is that the neck of the femur on one side has significantly improved to a point that I'm out of the osteoporotic range and back in the osteopena category. In another words, I think I'm getting younger! (and today is my 65th birthday) So thank you for guiding me through all the movements I've come to love - even the torturous ones that I say are good prep for possible abduction! (I should bite my tongue)

Liz Lopez

Thank you for a magnificent experience. My first retreat & I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off me. Your presence and voice brings serenity to my soul. I will see you in the next retreat in L.A

Charlie Warner

Since I have been working with Leslie these last two years, I have become stronger physically-much more toned and limber. I like that she emphasizes the breathing and spiritual part of the yoga practice. It has helped me handle stress better and I'm able to be calm in stressful situations. I just remember to 'breathe'. Leslie is a wonderful teacher and mentor. Thank you for teaching us what you have learned from your practice.

Maggie Brawley

I seriously notice such a difference in my behavior, specifically my reactions to people/situations. I am able to transcend my feelings and my responses in a more productive and gracious manner, and in turn I am enlightened by my own power. I completely credit your teachings. It has been such a gift, and I am sure you hear similar responses from many of your students, but I guess there's nothing wrong with a surplus of expression of gratitude. So, again thank you for all the lovely vibes that you spread! I look forward to deepening my practice, and learning more!

Patricia O'laughlin Art Therapist

As an art therapist I give daily of myself to assist those in need. I am regularly confronted with reactions to anger, sadness, and pain. My job is to listen and metaphorically hold my clients emotions so they can feel containment and relief. I do not always realize consciously the stress and anxiety I carry as a result of this listening. I still remember the first time I felt a passionate wave of emotion while doing yoga in Leslie’s class. After a few classes I realized that Leslie’s approach to yoga created an environment I had not experienced during my five years of yoga practice. The reinforcement of safety, expression, and stability that Leslie communicates allows me to move my body and listen to my inner self in a new way. This listening transcends the yoga studio and encourages me to nurture my inner strength and self care in my daily routine, relationships, and life

Eileen Berbeo Artist and Student

There are so many things that I love about these retreats with Leslie. There is always a sacred connection with nature, an energy that you can feel in the places that she holds retreat. Time slows down for me in these places. I can breathe easier. The practice sessions that she creates, whether they are yoga, meditation, dance or art therapy, are all geared towards giving you the opportunity to achieve growth through release of the unnecessary, an invitation to welcome in healing energy, and safe, precious moments of expression of the self, connection to the basics of you. I come away from these retreats knowing more about myself, trusting myself more, and with affirmations that help me in my life when I leave the retreat. All of this in such a warm caring community, with an amazing gentle and wise teacher who is truly genuine, and is very supportive and attentive to each participant. Every retreat she creates is unique, and I am thankful for each new experience I have had.

Leslie Bauer Massage Therapist

"I have been taking Pilate's with Leslie only a short time, but want to express how completely aware I have become in my body. She is extremely dedicated to ensuring her students are doing the exercises correctly and with proper alignment. She is funny and quick, with the ability to hone in on her students that need further assistance while maintaining the flow of class. I plan on taking more classes to further my home practice and integrate all I have learned in my daily life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any level of student. She creates the trust, comfort, and professionalism that is vital for studying the discipline of Pilates. I am grateful that she is here and so is my body!

Dave Whitcraft/ Namaste - नमस्ते Lead Creative, Apple Store

Leslie is crafted from pure radiant light! you can see the deep devotion she has for her practice and her teaching.

Her mastery is not just yoga, but life awareness

knowledge, empathy, humor and insight all come together to form a profound path of learning.

Leslie helps you to explore yourself – your boundaries – your potential.
She gets you to confront yourself – why are you here? On this planet? In this body? In this yoga class?
It’s easy to trust her guidance as she gives you options to push yourself as far as you feel you need to go (and maybe just a bit further!):
Your path – your speed; she gives you energy and inspiration to help you move and live successfully.


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